Friday, September 15, 2006

Beyond the Note

I watched bloomed hope,
promise arrived and new spoon shiny
a peek of nubile petals
gently peeling towards
a Christmas golden puppy
a surprise Birthday pony
each new moment
the earth’s turning
the sound of the first sound
echoing still
poised on the edge of Life
dangling as the sun
broke-back and tended
goaded with water and tunes remembered
and lost, turning towards boys with the stupid
and systems all in fail
anchored and preserved perfect
hydrangea hanging from the wall
do I carry you in my hand,
or stick you in a vase?
do I worry the concept?
or believe in Santa Claus
and Easter Bunnies and fairies
who want something more than teeth?

One ring can’t be enough.

You rule me
even if I don’t like the touch
and we are all
because nothing else matters.
Not wars or JonBenet or 9/11 or Dumbya nothing
but that moment sostenuto without any effort
or measure by me.

You, Bear.

-- Quentin D. Ergane, 9-15-06


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