Saturday, January 28, 2006

To be clear... On fluff expression and serious expression

I am going to write pieces that are sometimes completely fluffy with conclusions I don't always believe 100% in... and I will write pieces that aren't fluffy that I do believe 100% in... what I am getting at is... blogging is expression and expression isn't always about exposing one's actual beliefs, but exploring the world of possibilities and maybes which are sometimes in complete juxtaposition with the reality of the world.

GLAAD probably does do some good work, but sometimes, I think they are rather silly. It hurt when I was called a faggot by my peers when I was in school from the 1st grade till 12th grade, but the moment "faggot" had no power over me was a beautiful day.

No, I do NOT equate faggot and nigger as they do not have the same history. I plain do not like the word "nigger" and wish it could be excised from the language. White supremacy is larger than heterosexism although both have made impacts and uncomfortable assaults on my life, sometimes working together in not-so-beautiful intersectionality.

My quest, with my blog, is to express myself and my views the best way I know how which means sometimes, my expression/view is going to be wildly out of touch. However, what happened to the ability to dream? What happened to the ability to create?

I will try not to let myself become overly concerned with how I am being read... especially since, as far as I know, I am not being read at all....



At 9:59 PM PST, Anonymous Bernie said...

We're reading, Quentin.

At 1:20 AM PST, Blogger Quentin Ergane said...




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