Monday, March 24, 2008

Can we do it....

So, I have George Michael on my mind. Blame Anyway, I am back at the end of my day.

Today, we had a fire drill. This after Mrs. Schmidt's class where Alonzo was just... he nearly missed out on computer time, but he finished his work and was allowed to leave. Today, I worked with Alonzo, Ian, Najib, and Dylan -- if only because I always include Dylan. I *know* I've seen him before...

I spend time, sometimes, thinking about who these children will be when they grow up. Will they remember me? Will I have made enough difference on them that they will be accepting of all kinds of people? I can't know these answer unless I stay, somehow, connect to them and the community. But it isn't lost on me how darn fragile it all is.

The fire drill thwarted my intentions to have Hanouk read to me...even if I fell down in the process -- but I don't think he was here anyway. I have partially decided to replace Mrs. Rockwell's ELL (English language learer) with another one -- perhaps this one willl be right.

I am so tired I can barely keep my eyes opened and there's the most adorable 5th grader watching me weave in and out of sleep. Whatever's I've worked 8 hours.

The bell just rang. It is all I can do to not put on my bike gear and get the hell outta dodge.

Who am I kidding?

I did enjoy Mr. Luke's and Mrs. Schmidt's class.

Who am I kidding , tired HIPPO.

Th other sad thing?

I drank the rest of my shot this or yesterda's morning....


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