Sunday, June 18, 2006


I don't mean to be nit-picky (ok, maybe just a little), but I really hate the title of this article, "More Victims Than Just Kevin."

I could make this really clear if I asked, "Would anyone had written an article entitled, "Not Just Matthew?"

No. They would have considered it tacky although on the same night on the otherside of the country, a transwoman (whose name escapes me which makes me feel very ashamed... so many names... I should be better than this. Anyone reading this, please remind me of her name so it can be committed to memory... it is so fucking sad... I remember people like Matthew Shepard but have trouble remembering my own. Rashawn gets remembered, Steen Keith Fenrich gets forgotten. Sakia Gunn is only kinda remembered, but Arthur "J.R." Carl Warren Jr. is nearly forgotten. Most people have moved away from Gwen Araujo, too... and then there's that gay Indian dude who was beaten to death... no one can claim the mainstream gay community cares about everyone equally... not without needing to go to hell) who died would have warrented that just as much truth.

I understand. I get it. Folks want to get the word out that gay folks are being particularly prayed upon in our Pride months, however the folks who want to get this word out ignore that it never stopped or ceased, not for one moment. In fact, they won't even acknowledged that since "gay marriage" hostilities towards GBLT(and ESPECIALLY T) people have risen like "wo."

Everything is in the wording because the wording displays the intent. And when I read the title, and then skimmed the article (... dock me points if you wish), it was obvious to me that Kevin Aviance, someone I hadn't even heard about until this tragedy happened, was being removed... "Just Kevin" indeed.

And then the way in which everyone was painted with a "gay" brush... sorry, it makes the knot in my stomach tighten.

Excuse me everyone while I go shit.



At 11:08 AM PDT, Anonymous JW Richard said...

I agree that title was unneccessary to getting the writers point across and I also thought it was strange to make it a point to identify the ethnicity of the attackers and victims or the other crimes. Does that really matter, or aid in the fight against these crimes?

At 3:10 PM PDT, Blogger Quentin Ergane said...

YES it DOES really matter AND it aids in the fight against hate crimes because what happens when you dismiss or reduce race to nothing is that them people think it doesn't affect racialized bodies and it only becomes about gay people with whiteness implied, default, and yet hidden. That should be really obvious.

Also, I don't feel the writer's point got across... I felt it was insensitive and insulting (well, duh on that one).

Besides, another reason why it is important to know who is doing what to who is to be able to track trends.


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