Tuesday, June 06, 2006

... now that that's over...

June 5th was supposed to just be a poopy day. I didn't think it would be so bad for me (and it wasn't) because my natal Sun and Uranus are conjunct and the hard square between transiting Uranus and the transiting Sun just wouldn't mean as much -- and I was right.

I am starting to notice that without my glasses on, people smile at me... like all the time. Like ALL the time. People didn't randomly smile at me before so it's a bit strange to see someone flash pearls... in Seattle. Weird.

Last night I went to Sydney's. We discussed agency and perfomativity, ate poke (po-kay -- Hawaiian... basically raw tuna flavored with soy, green onions and hot mustard... I wanna make it myself -- that ish was GOOD!) and chicken fried rice (so, SO delish)... and talked. She is so good for me that I worry I don't hold up my end of the friendship... but I bet she'd tell me I am being silly. Anyway, I have Butler's _Gender Trouble_ now and a couple of other books which makes me feel I can write my Octavia Butler paper. I would LOVE to have Haberstam, too, so I can do a *proper* reading of performance theory via gender, but you know what? I'll live.

On the "lighter" side of life, I started reading JLA/Titans: Technis (maybe not the correct rendering of the title, but to get the trade and read it would make me sit down and finish it -- it is really good!). It's really cool because it tackles some issues that are in my mind -- like how *does* one bridge the generation gap? But also, in a really strange and creepy sort of way, because the storyline revolves around Vic (Cyborg, Cyborian -- it's complicated), it presents itself as a narrative dealing with absent B/black subjectivity. To bring Vic back into his subjectivity, a rhetoric of family is provided -- and it works (it would work, too, given that B/black cultures are relational at core... ), but there's still trouble... someone else wants to d/l Vic's soul (that or I don't recognize the character) -- it was late, I was stoned and reading on the bus, I'll have to re-check that... but damn it was good.

And the bus driver turned the lights up for me because he saw me reading and this is one of the drivers I would love to give long-extended head to.... mmmmm.

Last night, I pissed outside by a tree for these two girls (whom I called my "Golden Goddesses" -- they were hyper-thrilled about that, no sarcasm... Tara (Sag) and Jen-Jen (Aqu)) and when I was done, they applauded! I report this mainly for Kris who will get it... getting over my body one action at a time!

I am not sure what I should advance today, but I know I should advance. Yami is in the shower, but it dawns on me that maybe I shouldn't wait until I am alone, to go go go NOW! I only have the first two weeks of June to start projects I mean to finish even if I don't finish them now... you know?

Maybe I should do yoga... and then drink copious amounts of herbal tea like yesterday... I bet I could benefit from a good ol'fashioned detox, eh?


Pictures of things to sale, too, since Rye is *never* going to get around to it. Not really disappointing, but it is hard to stop my motion in order to attend to him right now. But it did know what it was talking about when it (the astrologyzone horoscope) said that this month... we'd be on two completely different wavelengths.

Oh! Can I mention that we totally needed (we being Sydney and I) Burke's "A Grammar of Motives" last night and there was no way to get it other than coming home and going back (which would have taken HOURS!).... I love that essay, tho. I have wanted to use it forever... ah well... someone will come to know the beauty that is "A Grammar of Motives." Rhetorical theory RULES!


Quentin Ergane

P.S. for LJ and Blogger folks: It's the beginning of the month -- don't forget to read astrologyzone.com, however you will need to know your rising in order for it to be accurate. If you know your birth TIME, DATE, and PLACE I am willing to tell you what your rising is. (name, too, since I don't know everyone's rl name) Besides, it would be really cool to converse with other Gemini rising folks.


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