Saturday, May 13, 2006

Letters I probably shouldn't write people even if I really mean them...

Welcome to the other side!

When I met you, I was going through my Return. Now, I am being reminded of my Return because Saturn retrograded to a conjunction with my natal Saturn. I am being sorely reminded that I lack nerve... and so my ritual has been vomiting. Vomiting drawers that have had the same contents for years. Vomiting the recycling. Vomiting the dishes and the floors and the counters. Vomiting and creating order that looks like mess, but I am meeting my every objective head on. Also, I started a cleaning purification tea ritual. And found the name I want to be called, which is the name I am called, but the depth, the emotional meaning of it became clear.

Quentin Demarcus Ergane JohnFranson
Quentin D. Ergane
Quentin the Ergane
Quentin the Air

After my paternal Great Aunt Air.

I washed my hair and am in process of giving it a deep oiling. It was hot, but then it cooled and it feels divine... but I have to wash it off because I suspect it is the sweet orange that is keeping me awake.

I suspect you are largely solitary, but I would like to see if we can really be friends with one another.

Love and Air,

Quentin Ergane


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