Thursday, May 11, 2006

Scratching the Back

I didn’t tell him his taste in music sucked
because I liked the way confidence
fit around his shoulders
the way it felt to give him confidence
the way he looked at me with eyes
that could hold my gaze – level --
free of suspicion, doubt or worry.

I didn’t tell him I liked him
only when we were flirting
and being witty because I liked
the way I could like him because his heart
was good, and I knew it even if he didn’t.

I didn’t tell him I loved him nor
did I tell him goodbye.
I opened a door and scooted him out
deciding not to say another
Word I didn’t say a word.

Words like, “I know how this will end;
this will end badly,” but ah!
So-called straight boys and their daddy issues
faggots and their love:
This makes the world go ‘round.

--- Quentin JohnFranson


At 3:57 PM PDT, Anonymous Kris said...

Such a pretty baby.


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