Thursday, April 27, 2006


The thing that bothers me most about people considering Brokeback Mountain "a love story" is that it gives this idea that the only love possible for gay people is tragic love. Sure, it may call upon you to call that guy you were so in love with when you weren't out or whatever, but it cannot, that cannot substain a relationship.

I don't want that reflection.

I don't feel that the love I share with Ryan is built on tragedy. It does not need to be a tragic love in order to survive, to be.

I find it odd... People can see what other people will see wrong with movies like, say, Soul Plane which actually wasn't *that* bad -- shit, at least the gay guy in that movie HAD a fucking sexuality and he was treated as a part of instead apart from... , but not see what is wrong with a movie like Brokeback Mountain which will go down in history as something... really moving and great and all because white assimilationist faggots and white-identified assimilationist faggots of color and heterosexuals *liked it*.

Considered it daring.

*snorts and spits*


It is so hard, sometimes, talking to younger gay people. Mainly because they think they know everything and you know nothing. I remember people complaining about that when I was a kid (... a "know-it-all")...

Sometimes, I really hate biting my tongue.

JLA and Teen Titans -- I have been absorbing them whole... the way I have been drinking stuff as of late.

But I should really continue directing energy inwardly -- I don't have time to bother too much with stupid people with stupid opinions someone taught them had to be respected.

Shit, like my opinions are respected.

I live anyway.


At 3:15 PM PDT, Blogger MasGrandeQueJesus said...

Amen, Bear. A-the fuck-men.


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