Sunday, April 09, 2006


Ok, I am not on-line as much these days and I am not watching TV even an iota of the way I used to, but... Is there public outcry regarding the Israelis completely bugging the fuck out and shooting missles at Palestine? Have they really lost their fucking mind AND NO ONE IS SAYING SHIT ABOUT IT? Surely someone is talking about fear of Brown people with a plan (or Hamas), someone is talking about this gross reaction formation to their own fears that Hamas won't "say" they renounce violence (is it just me or that you can "say" anything... also, the fact that Israel doesn't have to say it will renounce violence, which wouldn't have mattered because WHO didn't know they were going to use military force to back up their fear, anxiety and panic.)

Are we just gonna let Israel carry out what could only be interpreted as genocide against these people of color?

... I hate feeling so fucking help-/use-/worthless.


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