Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Mmmmm, ok

So, I am watching The 750-Pound Man on TLC. This guy is like HUGE. He has been checked into a rehab for severely obese people, right? Here's what gets me, this is why I am writing: How are the nurses and stuff gonna bitch about his eating snacks when this mothafucka can't even roll out of his bed? He can't even ROLL ONTO HIS BACK!

I don't understand it. The nurses have to give him his food because he cannot go and get it himself so why are they giving him these bad foods they KNOW he shouldn't be eating and then complaining about it? Is there something I am missing?

Maybe, the lesson here is: Quentin should NOT be a nurse.


In other news, Rye and I have been pretty sick with influenza B -- or at least that is what Rye's doctor said. MY doctor, without looking, said it was oral gonorrhea.

*flat look*

I am trying to figure out what I am going to do about that asap.


At 4:11 AM PST, Blogger Bernie said...

Hmmm...get a new doctor? Just a thought.

At 5:48 AM PST, Blogger taylorSiluw√© ..... said...

I saw that show. I felt really bad for the guy, but, I couldn't help but wonder how does one get into that position.

They said as his weight ballooned he just collapsed, took to the bed and never came out.

It was painful to watch, like a horrible accident on the freeway that you can't stop looking at.

Basically, I see some serious mental issues at play. What a horrible condition.


Oh, and uh, good luck with your 'condition'.

At 11:55 AM PST, Blogger Quentin Ergane said...

Mostly, it is gone although my tonsils are still a mess. The only "condition" left is to verify and then attack.

I am going to get a new doctor -- no doubt, but I believe in standing up for myself. Maybe it is my mother within me, but I do not shuffle away from shit that is wrong... I confront.

At 6:02 AM PDT, Anonymous Big Kris said...

oral Get a new doctor stat!


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