Monday, April 03, 2006

Mooning Out (Lunacy)

A Lunar Return is when the transiting moon lines up with/passes over your natal moon. There are whole charts and stuff about it, but that is not why I am here. I am here to talk about my lunar return as a 12th house mooner.

My moon is at 0 degrees Gem. It is behind my ASC. This aspect, including their conjunction, makes for, what I consider a really sad person. *grins* You see, I want to hide how I am feeling, but I can't. I want to hide my duality and my yes/no processing, everything... I am one of those people who are best taken as given -- reading between my lines usually results in insulting me (... again, in some discourses... when I am flirting, I welcome reading between my thighs... err, lines. *grins* <-- see?).

Anyway, when the moon passed into Gemini, I felt it. Suddenly, all the care I send out into the world became a projection of all the care I was not giving myself. I kept needling my partner, "What's wrong? What's wrong? I feel some strange energy coming off you. What's going on?"

Eventually, I would come to realize I was in open spongeland -- this is my time of the month... when I feel everything and I am too scared to use that perception to be more interested in myself rather than everyone else.

Slowly, I turned my attention back to myself -- enacted the habits I have been consciously learning in order to make the best of what is coming next.

I made tea (Yogi's Peach DeTox) in my newest teapot (named Aka Ryu -- thanks Xandi -- I'll take pictures sometime soon...) and sat in this chair, turning my attention slowly inward. I knew I would be up for a while because I always become an insomniac around this time so, I started thinking about the things on my list I wasn't doing, the work I will myself to forget because it is easier to fret and worry about other people than the state of me, right?


I feel like writing this post is holding me up from my bath with rock crystal salt... which means I am trying to not take care of me.

I have learned one of the best things for me when my moon returns, is to take inventory and invest in some self-care. In four days the moon will be at it's nadir and life always sucks around then. I am planning to help things not suck.

I am planning a whirlwind... but I have to convince myself to wind down first!

Um... yeah.

quentin ergane


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