Wednesday, April 16, 2008

WASL is all I see

So, things are trucking along. This week and next week, the students are taking the WASL. 3-5. Since my new office is around them, I can sorta feel their... nerves. I don't blame them, I am nervous, too.

You heard me right, new office. Autumn had a feeling she needed to get back into her work and that room _was_ really smell. It wasn't done as well as I would have liked which caused some friction. In the end, everything is fine. Under the bridge. We're back to being the dynamic duo.

Yesterday, I taught the guided reading by myself using a lesson my site supervisor, Teresa, and I came up with together. It was AMAZING! Amazing because I was scared, scared they would smell how I didn't know as much of the pedagogy as I feel I have to know (to that end, I have started reading _The Daily Five: Fostering Literacy Independence in the Elementary Grades_), but it really went well. Natalia was a bit of a pill, but then I believe it is because she doesn't read so well. ..


Went downstairs to Mrs. Woo's class to pick up Kaitleen -- although I am actually pretty tuckered out. I ate a gob of chocolate covered esperesso beans and nodded towards my goddess. So, no Kaitleen, BUT both of them later. That is agreeable with me. Autumn isn't here, Teresa isn't here, and I could read my book, and we both know I'll fall asleep. But that's nowhere. Nowhere.

We're supposed to go over reporting today. *moment* And we shall @ 2:30 pm.

Right now, I am watching Ebbisa. Isn't that a great name? Cute kid. Did something bad, but really, Mr. Finney is on edge. "Bad" is talking out of turn, shouting out answers instead of raising your hand. And while anyone will agree that this is bad, it still goes overboard to remove him (and now another) from class or take away a recess.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Another Day Down

When I came into Mrs. Schmidt's class and noticed Alonzo doing his hiding thing while the other kids were clamouring to get my attention, I realized my tutorial with Alonzo was doomed.

Alonzo is one of those kids on the cusp, one of those sweet, precious kids so easy to lose. Everyday, I work with him on his reading comprehension. How good of a session we have totally depends on his mood. And lemme tell you, he is one moody kid. A Leo/Virgo cusp kinda moody if I remember correctly. His mother loves him pieces and he lives near me and has seen me before at Target. (The day someone asks me who was that guy whose hand I was holding is the day I realize I will need different... but it may never happen... and because I am thinking about it now, perhaps I will be prepared... both for the real world and school world of it.) I love the kid because he's beautiful in all senses and so smart and I know I can help him... but I have to wait on his moods.

Today, he was right on the cusp of going either way. With that in mind, I plunged forward. Today's reading comp featured the spittlebug. Immediately, he tried to con me by saying he had already read down to p. 5, but Jonathan gave it up -- not that I didn't see thru it... it's been, what, five weeks now? There are two things he likes/craves: Attention and Finishing. (Can't you just SEE the Leo/Virg working out through this one? To make a short story short, he saw other kids on the classroom computer, became discouraged and just stopped. At the same moment, Sheyanne asked for help, which didn't help him because he's *such* an Attention Hog. Mrs. Schmidt took him and I worked with Sheyanne. Both finished their papers at the relative same time.

Seperation Anxiety

No longer do I share an office with Autumn. She has had enough. She needs her own space. She didn't really come right out an say it... and I can't be mad about that -- I wouldn't have either. But it does make everything feel weird.

So, onward with and to my "new life"!

Now, I am in a very spacious room that is full of stuff. Books and posters and all sorts of knick-knacks, things to capture, well, anyone's imagination. I like that I get to see sunlight if I want it. But also, it feels "better" in some undefineable way.

For example, I get to see Teresa more. While she is usually moving through the space, preparing for something else, it is nice to see her and allow our getting to know each other to commence in full.

More than anything, tho, I get to see my kids up here. Some like, Alaina, was never tutored in the small office. However, Kaitleen has been all over. Ladan was here, too, complaining because she wants stickers --- like the ones Autumn gives her kids. I am loathe to do so. I think I give my kids self-esteem, self-confidence and a real willingness. Not saying she doesn't! But I give of myself. Why do you need a sticker? I told her Monday I would have stickers. And I will, but maybe only for her since she is my only student in Mrs. Longo's class.

Ladan is new. I talked about her before Spring Break. She's nothing short of a diva at the age of 6. Knows what she wants and knows how to get it. Yeah, she's a touch scary!!!