Wednesday, September 27, 2006


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For two days in a row, Ani DiFranco's "The Story" has been playing in my head. Late at night like now.

I am reminded of my senior year of college when I listened to the first album all the time... would even listen to "Dog Coffee" before heading to my graduate level Fiction writing class with Robert Coover... with all those horribly BITCHY M.F.A. students who thought they were a consideration when it came to my work.


"I would have returned your greeting if it wasn't for the way you were looking at me."

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


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I wish I knew what it was... they came up right before it turned cold. Poor things! But it's been two weeks since I last saw them and they look find! In a way, they look like crocuses, but only in the way the flower looks before it blooms. Anyhoo, here's a picture I think is pretty and interesting of it. The succulent in the back is called Ice Flower.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

sexy man with psoriasis

sexy man with psoriasis
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The juxtaposition of instincts make this one of the most stunning pictures I have seen in a while.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

I knew it was gonna happen: Latest News of Cultural Production

The big lie about gay men and sex

If straight men could find sex in public restrooms with women, we'd never be able to use the facilities for legit purposes.

Sep. 15, 2006

*HUGE snip*

> Michael, for his part, implied that his behavior was
> a result of entrenched
> gay customs. "Are you gay?" he asked the
> paparazzi, "No? Then fuck off. This
> is my culture."

Bravo, Michael... it is.

> That may have been true in the 1970s, when gay
> culture had been set up to
> accommodate married men on the sly.

OH MY GOD! So, lemme get this str8. "Gay culture" is set up to accomodate married men... on the sly...


*shakes head* Everywhere I have seen in writing homosexual culture is that we've had to meet each other away from heterosexuals. OR where culture did not create a difference in the ways groups created themselves... because not every culture was so hung up on the men and women are around each other all the time thing that Eurocentric cultures LIE to themselves about (that's why they went fighting wars and "conquering" -- creating bullshit to be alone... with each other...).

This all makes me wonder... makes me realize that if we aren't producing our culture, to and for ourselves, "these people" are going to create our culture as something that only exists to be in service to otherwise pure and clean heterosexual men and I do not think that lie can afford to exist.

I am in love with the idea that we should mind who is speaking, etc., but sometimes, I wonder if the problem is not enough speaking... in general.

When I speak, I say, "There is more to me than attending heterosexual men. I don't. Even if I play at it, I do not. I stopped feeding breeders (sorry, I don't feel PC) when I was 19. Why? Because I realized it did not make me feel good about myself. Not because of his girlfriend or woman or marriage or any of that crap... *grins... I have never called or even thought of heterosexual marriages as being crap before... hells yeah! Score for Q!* but because it did not make me feel good about myself. I was young, but I could tell. I could tell it was for something else, not exploration of ourselves and our bodies and even our feelings, too, but that.. being there to exert power over for some reason or another... rules, and limitations... Sorry, I prefer other gay people as sexual partners. I am and was never here to help "serve" men in that capacity.

I mean... shit HAS happened to homosexuals before HIV/AIDS...

Anyway, back to the fiction that attends heterosexual panic:

> Back in those
> days, bathhouses were hugely
> popular and the gay bars had blackened out windows,
> creating a virtual
> cocktail-serving closet.


> Many of the patrons had to
> have sex away from home to keep the
> secret from an unsuspecting wife and kids.

Doesn't this sorta imply that... men have to start having sex with women before they start to have sex with men...




*shakes head sadly*

I don't have the heart to properly fill it in. However, I will point out an unkindness. I have long marvelled at heterosexual men who say and preach how they love women SO MUCH and yet treat them the way they do...

I bet, today, there are women who would PAY their husbands to sleep with another man if it would just make him feel better and get his shit together... or something like that. Wait... why am I considering this?

> Of course, there was a portion of men who did have
> options, just as Michael
> does today, but who enjoyed unfettered
> promiscuity for the thrill.

It AIN'T promiscuity if your husband knows you're out there sucking some knob, mkay? Why do homosexuals need to model their relationships after heterosexuals? If we're like... eh, yeah, he fucks this dude on Thursday and it isn't a deal for us, then why should it be called... promiscuity? I'm sure he checks each dick he sucks out as well as he could in the given situation. I mean, shit... he even puts it in his mouth!

> With time, the ease with which people could come
> out, combined with the fear
> of contracting HIV, sharply curtailed the carnal
> carnival the gay subculture
> once represented.

"Carnal Carnival"... Get these people some Treasure Island Media... STAT! Wait...ok... Raging Stallion... or Bacchus... hell... Falcon... SX... wait? Real life? Do a google search.

(Edit: And notice... "subculture"... Could someone please find me a faggot who enjoys being one to the point of not falling prey to her internalized processes?

*just did research on the author... it makes my punchline kinda better....*)

> The whole notion that gay men are more libidinous
> than straight men is a
> canard pushed by right wing fanatics in an effort to
> deny homosexuals basic
> rights. Indeed, one of the most guarded secrets of
> gay life is that a good portion
> of homosexuals are as undersexed as their straight
> counterparts.

... if gay folks are undersexed, it is because we do have added things to worry about which sometimes makes us cautiuous. And that ain't everybody, or every day, or every second... that ain't even you, reading this. The truth is we are more able to get it if we want it. However, *shrugs* it's true... HIV/AIDS holds back some of my socio-sexual needs... but I enjoy real intimacy, this way... and you know what? Pre-AIDS gay folks did, too. Not only did they enjoy real intimacy, but they created a society that learned how to not allow sex to become the only way they could relate and know each other. Oh, they fucked and it was great, but they talked to each other afterwards. They weren't rushing out to attend to... whatever we attend to these days.

The problem then, as is now, for undersexed gay COUPLES and some singles is that we do not live in a world where getting "someone pregnant" has been our reality for... time immemorial, however, heterosexuals have not had to deal with real restraints and conditions being placed on how they share themselves. We have to negotiate our whoredom. Str8 guys just go all "DL."

> Some of these lonely gay sorts keep long hours at
> the office and don't have
> time to pursue partners. Others are shy and have
> great difficulty meeting
> people. Many men, gay and straight, simply have low
> sex drives and hardly desire
> gratuitous encounters.

*head... palm...*

> From my observation, a surprisingly large portion of
> men find the notion of
> hooking up with strangers totally unappealing. It is
> not looks nor variety, but
> intimacy that is the greatest turn on.

... that's a fucking lie. I have been looking at single gay men since I was... *mumbles* and lemme tell you... gay men need this that and the other before they will even LOOK at you.



> men who fancy uninhibited
> sexual exploration, it is
> easier being gay because you can always find another
> man looking for the same
> thing.

So it'd seem.

> But, instead of being blamed for a lack of
> self-control, most gay men
> should get a medal for restraint.

Restraint ain't it. Right thing, right time... bam. But that's anybody.

> Heck, if straight men could have sex in public
> restrooms with women, would we
> ever again be able to use the facilities for
> legitimate purposes? If straight
> men could easily pick up women for sex in parks
> after midnight, would the
> grounds be so trodden that ants would become an
> endangered species?

Don't think we haven't seen those who do. *taps nose*

> Yeah, gay men have access to sex if they want it bad
> enough and are willing
> to take risks, like George Michael did, but the
> majority consistently chooses
> not to recklessly cruise.

Isn't a reckless cruise just one where you get caught? So what? He has a yen for anonymous dick. Eh. You try being straight and in the gayest band in the world called WHAM! Maybe THEY should get back together because WHAM! sure knew how to have fun and party! Besides, you need friends if you are gonna do something besides think about dick... how to get some, what it's gonna be like... how ya gonna get it, what it's gonna do... *shrugs* Object-oriented. Eh.

> George Michael may "want his sex," but placing
> the blame on "gay culture"
> no longer reflects modern reality. Given a full
> range of choices, including
> marriage, gay life increasingly looks as diverse as
> mainstream culture -- with
> monogamously oriented men finally having the option
> to choose monogamy.


Did HRC pay this guy?

Friday, September 15, 2006

Inhouse Barber

Inhouse Barber
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Day 11, which is also a day of little or skipped sleep. You make up for it when you die, eh?

Beyond the Note

I watched bloomed hope,
promise arrived and new spoon shiny
a peek of nubile petals
gently peeling towards
a Christmas golden puppy
a surprise Birthday pony
each new moment
the earth’s turning
the sound of the first sound
echoing still
poised on the edge of Life
dangling as the sun
broke-back and tended
goaded with water and tunes remembered
and lost, turning towards boys with the stupid
and systems all in fail
anchored and preserved perfect
hydrangea hanging from the wall
do I carry you in my hand,
or stick you in a vase?
do I worry the concept?
or believe in Santa Claus
and Easter Bunnies and fairies
who want something more than teeth?

One ring can’t be enough.

You rule me
even if I don’t like the touch
and we are all
because nothing else matters.
Not wars or JonBenet or 9/11 or Dumbya nothing
but that moment sostenuto without any effort
or measure by me.

You, Bear.

-- Quentin D. Ergane, 9-15-06

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

At the Urinal

At the Urinal
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again w/ the no words.


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Do I really need words?

Monday, September 04, 2006

Dawwwww! *pinches cheeks*

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Ryan took the best picture of Lux and Josalyn.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

male nude painting

male nude painting
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It's just good... that's all.